Have you ever felt this!!

Feelings that we experience sometimes!

Have you ever felt alone in a room full of people that you call family? Have you ever felt not loved by your soul mate? Have you ever felt betrayed and cheated on? Have you ever felt like you wanted to disappear and never come back? Have you ever felt scared of how your life is right know? Have you ever wished all your dreams can come true & live happy? Have you ever felt your choices are all a mistake? Have you ever felt not smart? Have you ever felt not accomplished and in the same spot? Have you ever felt upset at the world? Have you ever felt not yourself?

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10 Real Things about a stay At home mom!

These are the 10 real things I deal with at home!

  1. Mom never stops cleaning. The house is a mess and I think it will always be a mess. Everyday I put myself a goal to clean an area but the next day a different area of the house is a mess, so it never ends!
  2. Mom can never go to the bathroom by herself!Its either my 4 year old asking for something inside the bathroom or its my 2 month old inside the bathroom with me in his Little Rock & play sleeper.
  3. Mom can never have 5 mins to herself! If its going to the bathroom and the kids are their, or the cats meowing and following you. Or its your husband coming from work. Their never is time to yourself!
  4. Mom does all the chores in the house, they include cleaning, washing clothes, organizing clothes, picking up toys and so much more!!!!
  5. Mom becomes Creative, my kid seems to always be bored or be on the phone too much, which is something I try to avoid. So I become creative going on Pinterest and finding ways to keep him busy, either painting, coloring, and making crafts. Finding what ever I have at home to create something cool.
  6. Mom becomes organized!With being at home everyday you try to organize everything in the house from clothing to papers.
  7. Mom is a Chef! Being at home I have to do all the cooking. The bad part is that everyone wants something different, from past to salads to healthy food.
  8. Mom becomes a secretary.I am like a front desk lady making appointments for the kids to the doctor, scheduling dentist appointments, and playdates.
  9. Mom is a teacher!I have to teach my kids everything from reading, writing and math. I also have to teach him how to cook, how to clean, how to wipe his but & how to tie his shoes.
  10. Mom becomes a Hero!!!!I am the hero that protects my son when he is scared in bed. The hero that makes him feel better when he is sick. The hero that can do anything and nothing can hurt me.
  11. Extra One, Mom Can Never Be sick!One thing I have learned about being at home is I can never be Sick, meaning If I am feeling sick or under the weather I still have to do everything I need to do. On the other hand if my husband or kids get sick, they get to stay in bed, relax & get better as in for me is a different story.
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The Real Begining!

The real start of this blog is for me to pour out my heart, my soul, and my thoughts of being a real mom! Everyone thinks that being a mom is an easy job, and that everything comes easy to us, not knowing that our lives are full of happiness, sadness, stress and other major feelings. I am coming to you in this blog as the real me with all my feelings, adventures and problems I face everyday being a mommy. Being a mommy is not always sadness or stress it rewards us with happiness & joy of seeing our little ones grow & become something so amazing!

A little about myself I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one is 4 years old and the other one is only 2 months. I am also a stay at home mom since with these two is so hard to even go to the bathroom, I am currently taking care of them and maybe in the future I go back to work. I hope my blog can help a mom out there that is in the same boat as me, I thought this would be easy but its not! Hopefully I can leave all my thoughts and feeling on this blog!

Good company in a journey makes the way